Color Me In

TC Summer Color: Candy Rain

For this look I decided to have a lil fun and bring in pops of color. Even though Minnesota hasn’t seen too much of summer yet and the days are very iffy one minute it’s nice and sunny the next gloomy and rainy. I like this look because it kinda straddles that fence as well by pairing some fall colors; the muted tans and grays with a bright red, blue and hint of lime. The heavier slack compliments the loose light weight tank baring skin for a summer appeal. You can look forward to seeing more ill fitted clothing tailored to my body type to give off the androgynous appeal; too big slouchy pants (like in these photos), and tailored menswear with a fem twist. 

I am a versatile individual

not to be confused with a chameleon

but more like a mood ring

In tune with myself over anything

Shifting when I feel like it

and changing when it’s time

moving forward and not looking back on what or who seems to be left behind…for now.

It is important to explore almost critical to thoroughly examine ones talent

arriving close to immaculate

Here lies the breeding ground for innovation

Leaving no stone left unturned

finding something to call all your own

Not consciously unconsciously copying another

but giving birth to a brand like no other

…You walked on untouched land

With the past in one and the future in the other….


Now that's how you sell popcorn! 🙂


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