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Style, Style, Style!!!

These are the photos from a photo shoot I styled and directed. This shoot was completely my vision, I came up with the concept behind it. As you all know I love the androgynous look, I see this look having potential to become a classic look and maintain longevity well at least in my life. It’s like the trend I’ve been waiting for. So for this theme I decided to take a fun approach while still maintaining sex appeal but in an unusual way. I hope this shoot is empowering to women and I hope everyone enjoys it!!!

Model Alan Tyree

Model Philip Conley Jr.

Model Dane Edward Johnson


Model Lia Renee Dior

Makeup By Anita Hutchinson

This shoot also gave me a chance to style menswear, which I must say being that I am a woman was more difficult then I expected. However thanks be to Styling Expert Keith Dorsett, owner of Elsworth’s Menswear which provided all the clothing used for this shoot and is where the shoot is located. I had the opportunity to intern with him I learned a lot and overall the shoot was successful. Click here to check out his stores site.


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Hold Your Own

The White Dress Shirt

If you don’t have one, then I’d advise every woman to get one. In my book it’s definitely a staple piece in my closet, the basic white dress shirt. The one I am wearing in these photos is a plain Calvin Klein from Macy’s. What I like most about this shirt is its fit, because of its relaxed fit (It’s actually a boys shirt) it becomes very versatile. It is a basic shirt not to be confused with plain or boring. It can be dressed up with accessories, you can wear it with a suit, or dress it down with some denim. It will make almost any outfit look clean and polished without looking stiff. Even worn alone this shirt can hold it’s own, that is really what makes this staple piece so great. It’s effortless!

ACCESSORIES: Not a huge fan of earrings that dangle, I prefer studded earrings that sit close to the earlobe. I thought some very fem earrings made more sense seeing my hair was in a short hair style, paired with an ascot styled scarf for a little more color and to switch up the prints gave the  look a little something extra and unexpected with an ethnic feel. 


“SHUT UP” SHOES: 5 1/2 inches of pure “SHUT UP!” A floral print heel, we all know floral prints are in right now. Even though some are skeptical about the print worn in abundance with any look. I absolutely love a good floral print! This serves as a great alternative to those shy of prints to utilize accessories such as shoes to bring in  some print and color but not potentially over do it. 

A MUST HAVE: This purse is a favorite of mine, I got it second hand. A vintage mini brief styled shoulder bag. This purse style I can see myself wearing for a while and I’ve started investing and searching for similar items. It is all leather and will give any look a masculine edge however the sling strap mixed with the belt buckle and rounded edges keeps the purse feminine. I must also say I love the color scheme of the purse, it has a very fall color palette and I love to mix elements from the fall with ones from the summer.

The Bible says we must be quick to listen and slow to speak and anger. But I got something to say, I just hope you’ll listen. Sometimes I wish my black people would get pissed. So fed up they REFUSE to dismiss the fact that this system was not made for us. Although built on our backs not allowed to crack. Sometimes I wish black people would get sad. Programmed to feel nothing, we wear the mask. That grins. and lies. hides our cheeks. shades our eyes. This debt we play to human guile. with torn bleeding hearts, smile! Damnit Smile! In a country built on our blood sweat and tears we are not allowed to cry. Sometimes I wish my black people would just be black and realize that in doing so you can not and will not break. We once carried this world in our hands. on our shoulders against will and with the same shoulders we can not lean. we can not stand. You see our color formed this system. our tears built this country. And our anger Freed us. It’s time to hold our own.

                                                                        (Hair and Makeup By: Anita Hutchinson)

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