Cool, Calm and Culottes

DBS: Cool, Calm and Culottes 

Piggybacking off of my last post about using a basic t-shirt as a canvas for your accessories this is what I also did for this look. I told you I like to wear t-shirts in the summer time, the effortlessness of it is what I like but unfortunately it can read unfashionable and lazy. That’s why it is crucial to ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE, ACCESSORIZE!!! You must draw the eye somewhere, the purpose of this is to show other ways I wear a t-shirt. How something as simple and basic can be presented chic. Accessory Details: Ethnic style beads were my necklaces of choice this time around, specifically for the colors and patterns. Since this look lacks color and prints I choose to highlight my necklaces. What I love most about these beaded necklaces is they pretty much go with everything, they’re easy to mix and match with each other and the color choices are always nice. Paired with a red clutch purse from H&M and matching earrings make deep red the accent color. (Makeup by: Anita Hutchinson)


Later that day I wanted to switch the look up for a boat ride. This is where the clothing became the focus, Nothing specific about this look but what I like most about it is how it feels. Sometimes when dressing I go for a whole look that makes me feel a certain way, for this I wanted to feel modernly old fashioned. Like it could work in the 60’s as well as today. It presents a very tailored look but still remains relaxed because of the styling. 

Fit Details:

Vintage Culottes: The star of the show are a pair of vintage culottes I came across thrifting. A style of pant (and I can be honest) I never thought I’d wear let alone awe over. These pants are impeccably tailored with a front box pleating detail so simple and perfect.

Ralph Lauren Shirt: What I love about this shirt is not only does it present ease and a great fit (well after taking it in a few inches) but the color and print. A simple navy polka dot speaks volumes and joins crisp and fun together.

In contrast to the photos above this is where you would keep your accessories to a minimum, if you want your clothing to be the statement. Paired with a matching vintage purse and of course making the accent color red the look was finished. Tailored, relaxed, chic and all the way modernly old fashioned. 



The thing is, I owe a great deal of my fashion sense to my mother. Even though I was born in the late 80’s my mom clung to the 30’s, 50’s and 60’s her old soul was passed down to me. Growing up you hate to hear those words “you look just like your mom,” but since I looked more like my dads side I never really heard them. Now it’s “girl you dress just like your mom when she was your age.” I CRINGED. Now looking at my sense of style. I smile. Knowing where it comes from, even before a seed and before I was thought of the essence of me formed deep in her ovaries. Where the faint smell of Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds lingered. And in her heart beating in unison with The Jackson 5’s Who’s Loving You, Green Onions and smooth jazz music notes danced their way down to her fallopian tubes, around and with her ovaries. Seeped in and formed me on purpose by accident. I believe this ovary was purple. Feeling her every move from the tilt of her foot to slip on a shoe to the reach to pick out the earrings to match and 8 months later on June 8th I was born already knowing me, already knowing my own heart beating in unison to a few jazz notes beating in unison to her heart my eyes danced all the way up to hers. She is my heart. This is me saying thank you now for what my eyes expressed but could not say with my mouth. Thank you mom for everything, I LOVE YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

(My mom in the early 80’s)



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4 responses to “Cool, Calm and Culottes

  1. i love the culottes. they manage to look tailored and casual at the same time. and they really show off how tiny you are!

  2. I love those culottes super cute!!! Great for the boat ride we were on! My mom also loves Elizabeth Taylor White Diamond, it always a great gift to give her!!!

  3. Anonymous

    I love all of this…..keep it up you are going places.

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