Distressed – Still Here

This is a rather old post, caught a bit of writers block over the last month. Even the simple stuff I couldn’t get out but here it is. For this post I wanted to do something that connects with what’s going on over north Minneapolis and add an element of design that’s more custom and creative. One part of design I really enjoy is being able to manipulate fabrics, dye fabrics, and distress them. The look in these photos focuses on a pair distressed shorts, I did all the work to them myself and was ultimitely pleased. I originally pulled the inspiration from a homeless man I had seen who’s pants were so ripped they were actually aesthetically pleasing minus the dirt of course. So I decided to create a pair of long distressed and shredded shorts.


With the tornado hitting north Minneapolis this summer, the government shut down that sent many low income families in a frenzy, raised stress levels and not to mention all the everyday struggles that come with living in this economy alone. The tornado definitely helped to create an image that reflects the times. With the winter approaching and many areas and homes still in ruins its important to remember the difference between man and man-made. As a man you have the power to create, so that’s exactly what I did. In doing so you have to remember that after every storm is a blessing.


These distressed shorts are the  focus of this look, and they were fun creating. Each aspect of these shorts are symbolic to what happened over north.They started off as a regular pair of DKNY mens jeans then I simply just cut them and did a distressing techinque to create the fringes by ripping away cross grain threads, which is kinda what tornados do; rips things apart.



The jeans were originally darker so I bleached them but not a complete immersion i bound them first to create cracks and different shades of blue. This represents how after the tornado seemed to have stripped certain areas there was still many other areas still in tact, still full of color and life. It also represents the lack of trees in these areas and how now more light can be let in.  I had some different styled studs laying around that I decided to add to them for style purposes, redesign is key. Take something that may appear flawed, torn and distressed and add style to it to enhance its beauty.

Here I wanted to take the time to recognize a group of artist and professionals who did an amazing job of finding the light in a dark situation, and also was able to find beauty in what appeared to be a distressed situation, Juxtapostion Art (for information on what they’re about and other amazing projects of theirs you can click the link above). I absolutely adore the artwork they did over the summer but this one is my favorite. It managed to capture a great deal of the key elements that make up the north Minneapolis community. Elements any north-sider have grown to love and appreciate and remind us all that no tornado, or any other situation for that matter can take away the fact that we are still here. The tornado is considered minor to all of the great things/ people that have come from mpls and the great things to come.

“Ruin is a gift, Ruin is the road to transformation.” – Elizabeth Gilbert.


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  1. Anonymous

    Love those distressed shorts! And Northside Polars all day!!!

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