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Style, Style, Style!!!

These are the photos from a photo shoot I styled and directed. This shoot was completely my vision, I came up with the concept behind it. As you all know I love the androgynous look, I see this look having potential to become a classic look and maintain longevity well at least in my life. It’s like the trend I’ve been waiting for. So for this theme I decided to take a fun approach while still maintaining sex appeal but in an unusual way. I hope this shoot is empowering to women and I hope everyone enjoys it!!!

Model Alan Tyree

Model Philip Conley Jr.

Model Dane Edward Johnson


Model Lia Renee Dior

Makeup By Anita Hutchinson

This shoot also gave me a chance to style menswear, which I must say being that I am a woman was more difficult then I expected. However thanks be to Styling Expert Keith Dorsett, owner of Elsworth’s Menswear which provided all the clothing used for this shoot and is where the shoot is located. I had the opportunity to intern with him I learned a lot and overall the shoot was successful. Click here to check out his stores site.


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