My Strength: My Fathers Blessing

I Am My Fathers Daughter: The PowerHouse Woman
In honor of Fathers Day I decided to do something special for all the father’s celebrating. Macy’s is known for their unique, stylistic and well executed window displays that change depending on the season and reason. They always manage to catch my attention when walking past no matter how many times I’ve seen the display since I frequent the downtown area. I couldn’t help but notice the Fathers Day display, seeing that the androgynous look is one of my favorites I was inspired and thought it would be bunches of fun to give one of these looks a shot. I couldn’t think of a better way to say Happy Fathers Day than to Straight ROCK a suit. [Photography By: Brandy Hyatt]  [ Make Up By: Anita Hutchinson]

Blessing in Disguise

Dad a word that should just roll off the tongue like a spanish rr but my name is just Tierra

unfortunately I am not bilingual

The word would start in my chest a knotted up mess

and without choice would force its way up as if I was giving birth for the first time, everytime.

Bounce off the tip of my tongue and squeeze through my reluctant teeth shifting each one aside.

Distracted by my imperfect smile you failed to look deep into my eyes.

You did not want to know me, you did not want to know the truth

That behind these eyes was an idealistic view of you and each time you fell short of what I wanted.

You fell far from the cliff, with me close to the cliff

when I looked at you your blood pushing through my veins I felt closer to cliff.

Sitting close to the television hoping his love would seep through the screen, and it did. He was my father and I was his daughter

my name was Tierra Nicole Huxtable

As I grew older and reality set in it changed to Bitter Nolastname. Turning my back on the TV I stumbled in search of someone to blame. Bumping into mirrors before actually looking up

I looked up and didn’t stop

and my father was there waiting as if saying

it is my fault, blame me for you dads short comings but realize

the definition of a blessing in disguise.

I am a strong woman with the ability to take advantage of a blessing buried deep in misfortune. Thanks be to the one that made me, the one that helped bring me into this world. All the absent fathers who have never shown up to shed light on my life. To the fictional fathers for inspiration but most importantly the father that gave life to my mind, body, spirit and soul…Jesus Christ for explaining the situation. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!


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